Twin Otter Update / by Erik Johannesson

308 - DHC-6-300 C-FTXQ Summit Air, Yellowknife, NT [8199400 Canada Inc.]

Registered to Beau Del Leasing Ltd., Calgary, AB 20-Jun-2018. The aircraft had been delivered down to Springbank, AB late last year. Currently it is being prepared for delivery to the Maldives.

368 - DHC-6-300 C-GGIR Canadian Flyers Worldwide, King City, ON [2225692 Ontario Inc.]

Registered to Guyana Goldfields Ltd., Toronto, ON 20-Jun-2018. The aircraft had previously been registered directly to Guyana Goldfields from 03-Jun-2016 to 16-Mar-2017, but transferred to Canadian Flyers Worldwide subsequent to that. In recent weeks the Twin Otter began to generate significant media interest, as a result of the local Guyanese carriers objecting to having a Canadian company taking their business. Moving the Twin Otter back under the registry of the mining company correctly supports the contention that it is a privately owned aircraft.

? - DHC-6-300 PK-HVU PT Dimonim Air, Jakarta

Hit by ground fire from Papua separatists after landing at Kenyam, Indonesia 22-Jun-2018. The F/O sustained minor injuries. This appears to be a former Aviastar Mandiri aircraft.