Website & Twin Otter Update / by Erik Johannesson

The Latest Website Update page has recently been removed, and any new content notifications will now appear as part of the blog entry. So, when there have been changes made to any Archive items, it will now show up here, along with a link.

I will begin working shortly (as soon as I determine exactly how to do it…) a master index page for the Archive that includes a quick way to determine the airframe’s current status. The old site used colour coding, and that is the direction I would like to return to on a single page index, however the set up here is not particularly conducive to that unfortunately.

Twin Otter Update

963 - DHC-6-400 C-FVGY Viking Air Ltd., Sidney, BC

Noted at Victoria-Int’l, BC 28-Sep-2018 now carrying Canadian registration sticker, and MSN. The aircraft is seen below with usual thanks to Tim Martin.

 Tim Martin Photo © Victoria, BC 28-Sep-2018

Tim Martin Photo © Victoria, BC 28-Sep-2018