Website Update / by Erik Johannesson

This afternoon I completed the "Support Directory" categories, which list the top suppliers and vendors that have been with Twin Otter World (Twin Otter Spotter) over the years. These folks literally make this site possible.

Also today, I added a new tab for "Available Aircraft". As with the Support Directory this is a way to thank the advertisers for their continuing support. Any Twin Otter for sale or lease can be listed here for free if you are currently a banner advertiser, or wish to become one. Banner rates can be found on the "About & Subscribe" tab.

In closing for this Thursday afternoon, my thoughts are with those of you in the path of the latest hurricane. There are many readers and Twin Otter affiliated businesses that were affected by the events in Houston, and a similar number this time in the Caribbean and Florida. I understand Winair was able to move their fleet to safety in Saint Vincent, however I doubt their facilities at Princess Juliana made it through unscathed. Good luck to all over the next few days.