Twin Otter Update / by Erik Johannesson


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Archive Update:

Added Data and Photos for MSN 108, 109 and 110

382 - DHC-6-300 C-FUGT Kenn Borek Air Ltd., Calgary, AB

Noted test flying from Calgary-Int'l, AB 28-Nov/01-Dec-2017 and is expected to depart shortly for the Maldives.

411 - DHC-6-300 D-IVER Aerotrans Flugcharter, Kassel

Registered to Zimex Aviation Ltd., Glattbrugg 31-Oct-2017 as HB-LYB.  Flew Altenrhein/Saint Gallen - Chania - ? - Muscat - Male 01/06-Dec-2016 on delivery to Island Aviation Services where it is expected to become 8Q-ISI.

 Maldivian Plane Spotters Photo ©

Maldivian Plane Spotters Photo ©

721 - DHC-6-300 XA-UOA Transportes Aéreos Terrestres S.A., Durango

Officially imported to Canada 01-Dec-2017.