Enhanced Vision System by Ikhana / by Erik Johannesson


IKHANA Aircraft Services Announces Development of Enhanced Vision System (EVS) for the DHC-6 Twin Otter FAA STC number SA02649LA

IKHANA Aircraft Services (IKHANA) announces the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) award of its Enhanced Vision System (EVS) STC for the DHC-6 Twin Otter series aircraft using the Astronics Max-Viz EVS 2300 sensor.

The Max-Viz 2300 provides pilots with an unprecedented level of situational awareness and safety by enabling them to see more precisely during day or night in adverse weather conditions, such as haze, smoke, smog and light fog, even in the darkest night. “IKHANA is always looking to apply innovations that improve utility, and safety while expanding Twin Otter capabilities,” states John Zublin, President and CEO of IKHANA. “EVS offers a unique capability that fits well within the Twin Otter’s typical operating mission in remote unimproved fields or other low visibility situations. As an alternative to computer database synthetic visions systems, the EVS 2300 provides the flight crew with a real-time visual situational awareness image that results in an additional level of safety for low visibility missions.”

The Astronics Max-Viz EVS 2300 design incorporates both a camera and power supply in one unit for easy aircraft installation. The system combines a long wave infrared un-cooled thermal image blended with a visible light sensor for “seeing” LED lighting. The blended black and white, dual field of view image is presented on any cockpit video-capable display. A separate color HD-compatible camera feed (720 x 480) can be displayed in the cabin, switched on in the cockpit, or be recorded. The software for the Combined Vision System (CVS) is capable of supporting future integration with Synthetic Vision Systems (SVS). The cockpit display shows terrain, runways, taxiways, aircraft and obstacles in poor visibility conditions, including light fog, haze, smoke, brown/whiteout, light precipitation and darkness. EVS provides For further information, contact Naras “Bo” Alksninis, Director, Special Missions Sales Tel: 951-600-0009 x218; Mobile: 818.554.5906; Email: BAlksninis@IKHANAgroup.com what synthetic vision alone can’t…the real world in real time…in a package that is small, reliable and affordable.

About IKHANA Aircraft Services

IKHANA Aircraft Services, a DBA of IKHANA Group Inc., provides DESIGN - BUILD - FLY solutions to the aerospace industry through integration of new technologies, aircraft modifications, heavy maintenance, major repair, and critical parts manufacturing. Headquartered at the French Valley Airport (F70) in Murrieta, California, IKHANA holds FAA, EASA, Transport Canada, and Fiji repair station approvals, FAA Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA), and is a Viking Air Factory Endorsed Service Center. IKHANA has a proven reputation for developing unique engineered solutions across a wide variety of aircraft platforms and diverse customer base including extensive experience in the DHC-6 Twin Otter, King Air, and Gulfstream airframes.