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In 2012, I built Twin Otter Spotter to accompany Twin Otter Archive, which was being developed by myself, Neil Aird, Ian Macintosh and Ian Macdonald. It was meant to provide regular DHC-6 news and photos for the industry and enthusiasts. Since then it has evolved into the number one source for Twin Otter News.

The culmination of the past five years has led to this change of venue, to address both the success of the blog, and the limitations of the previous format. There a some limitations here as well, but it will permit me to have some more freedom in what Twin Otter World looks like, and what it has to offer.

This is not a business - although I rely on lots of great contacts around the world, this remains a "one man working in his basement operation". I spend the time doing the research, and preparing the blog because I am interested in the aircraft, and it has been rewarding to see the work become a success. It has also been great to get to know so many people associated with the Twin Otter over the past five years.

Your support through donations, and advertising make this website possible.

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From my side, advertising keeps this place going. From yours, it allows you to put your organization in front of the biggest single Twin Otter audience there is. You can see that most of the top names in the business are already here. Joining them is easy, and can cost as little as $50.00 a month for a half line, or $85.00 a month for a full line (both minimum 12 mo's commitment). 

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Regional Wings

If your interests, or business includes other turboprop and regional jet types, please check out my other blog, Regional Wings. It covers aircraft from the size of the Pilatus PC-12 right up to the CRJ-1000 Series. Just click on the picture below to take a look.