Payload and Performance Upgrades

Ikhana RWMI DHC-6-100HP™ and 200HP™

OPERATIONS TO 11,579 lbs. (5252 Kg)

The RWMI DHC-6-100HP™/-200HP™. The STC is an approved performance enhancement for the DHC-6-100/-200 series replacing the original PT6A-20 engines with PT6A-27 series engines. With authorization to operate at 50 PSI (620 SHP) of available torque, the modification provides improved performance especially under hot day high pressure altitude conditions. The RWMI DHC-6-100HP™/-200HP™ matches the available power of a DHC-6-300 series, but differs from IKHANA’s RWMI DHC-6-200HG™ STC by keeping the original Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) at 11,579 pounds (5252 Kg). IKHANA’s RWMI DHC-6-200HG™ STC provides increased power and a MTOW up to 12,500 pounds (5670 Kg). “Not all DHC-6-100/-200 operators benefit from increased payload, but they all want better performance,” states Mr. John Zublin, President and CEO of IKHANA. “This upgrade also supports aircraft fleet compatibility, improves utility, and returns value to the airframe, keeping with our philosophy of providing customers with options.”

Ikhana RWMI DHC-6-200HG™

OPERATIONS TO 12,500 lbs. (5670 Kg)

The IKHANA RWMI DHC-6-200HG enhances the DHC-6-200 Twin Otter capabilities by increasing the maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) from 11,579 pounds (5252 Kg) to 12,500 pounds (5670 Kg). This modification effectively upgrades the Twin Otter series -200 to match or out-perform a Twin Otter DHC-6-300 series. This is due to the fact that early model Twin Otters are typically hundreds of pounds lighter than later model -300 series Twin Otters. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Transport Canada and EASA approve this upgrade for Standard Category operations. This modification can also be applied to DHC-6-100 aircraft with some additional modifications. Contact IKHANA for available RWMI DHC-6-200HG™ aircraft.

Ikhana RWMI DHC-6-300RG™ and DHC-6-400RG™

OPERATIONS TO 14,000 lbs. (6350 Kg)

The RWMI DHC-6-300RG™ and RWMI DHC-6-400RG upgrade is a Restricted Category Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) authorizing the operation of DHC-6-300 and DHC-6-400 Twin Otter aircraft to a maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of 14,000 pounds (6350 Kg). The -300RG and -400RG are Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Transport Canada approved. Dual use multiple airworthiness certificates in Standard and Restricted Categories are authorized. The approved Restricted Category purposes include:

  • Forest and wildlife conservation
  • Aerial surveying
  • Patrolling
  • Weather Control
  • Carriage of Cargo
  • Search and Rescue

Ikhana RWMI DHC-6-300HG™ and DHC-6-400HG™

OPERATIONS TO 14,000 lbs. (6350 Kg)

The IKHANA RWMI DHC-6-300HG  and DHC-6-400HG Standard Category STC will authorize the -300 and -400 series Twin Otter to Operate up to 14,000 pounds (6350 Kg) under a Standard Airworthiness Certificate. Project is currently undergoing FAA and TCCA certification. Contact IKHANA for further details.

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